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How To Build Your TEAM – Work With The Workers

I have not written a new post for a while, life has been crazy with my summer job so I have not had much time. I HAVE been logging in every day to my SFI Affiliate Center, it is very important to make sure that once you have signed up and made a commitment to your new business that you follow through and do something every day to grow that business.


Following on from my last post way back in April I would like share the Rules Of Success # 4 

Lead By Example





As you know I was taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge but unexpected things cropped up so it prevented me from posting for a few days and now I am way behind so I am putting it on hold until next time. I do not want to try and catch up and give myself too much to do so there is no shame in deciding to stop, my SFI work is more important and I am going back to posting 2 or 3 times a week.


Do something to grow your business every day.






I am into day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, there is still time to sign up, you can always catch up but publishing a couple of posts over the next 2 days. As long as you have 30 posts by the end of the month you will be fine, but hey if you try and it becomes too much posting every day it’s ok too, at least you gave it a shot!


Today we are on rule #2 of SFI Rules Of Success


Rules Of Success #1






Yesterday I talked about the SFI Rules Of Success and now I would like to share with you Rule #1 from Gery.


#1 Treat your business…like a business!


“If you purchased a franchise, would you expect it to make money for you if you only worked it a few hours a week? Or if you didn’t get trained? Or if you only tried for a few months? Or if you didn’t follow the proven guidelines of the creators of the franchise?

Ultimate Blog Challenge





Today is the first day of The Ultimate Blog Challenge, I decided to sign up and write a new post every day, this helps bring traffic to my blog, help improve my writing skills, connect me with other bloggers and promote my business.


If you would like to join the challenge then click HERE to sign up, you can easily catch up by writing 2 posts in one day if you want, as long as you publish 30 posts for the month.


My First Month With SFI


The first thing most people experience when they join SFI is SURPRISE! Everything looks so strange, they do not know what to do, where to find anything, where to start.

You should receive a welcome message from your sponsor (the person you signed up through) but you will still feel a bit lost in what to do but don’t panic, all new businesses are strange at first, we all have to begin and learn.

There is a lot of learning with SFI but they provide you with a huge amount of FREE information to read and learn at your own pace.

My First Day With SFI


One day last November I came across an advert like the one above and I was intrigued to find out if this was yet another “get rich quick” scheme that promised to make me $1000’s from day one…

I decided to sign up and see what SFI was all about, I was still a little wary but it was free to join and they were not giving a “free 30 day trial” or needed my credit card details like I have seen from others.

A Change Of Direction




I have not been posting here for quite a few months, I had lost my motivation and felt I was getting nowhere so I took a step back and did some serious thinking about my business.

I was looking through various sites when I discovered one called SFI Strong Future International, at first I thought it was yet another scam until I looked into it further and decided to sign up, after all it said it was FREE.


I Have Been Away For A While













If you were a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed that I have not been around for a few months, there are a couple of reasons for me neglecting you all.


If you remember I had been going through a bad time and had kind of lost my motivation, it came back for a little while but then I lost it again, plus I have had a couple more friends pass away over the summer (which did not help) so I took a step back from my online business and went back to a summer job in the Tourist industry here in Crete where I live.

How To Get Beyond The Newbie Stage Part 2





downloadI would like to follow on from my last post and continue to talk about how to get beyond the newbie stage.




If you’re the kind of person who finds it very difficult to create a plan, or to
stick to a plan once it has been created, then you might find it useful to
find an experienced mentor who can make sure that you stick to the right


Find a mentor