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This Week’s Blogs I Want To Share With You


Well here we are on the last Friday in March, can’t believe how quickly this year is passing by! I started last week a new post that I want to continue every Friday in which I share with you some of the best blogs I have visited throughout the week, and give a shout out to some great people.




Facebooks New Tab Layout For Pages –  Eamon Diamond is a blogger I have only just discovered, I read his post about the new Timeline for Pages on Facebook this week, he makes some great points here. As we know Facebook is always changing things around, Eamon shows us how to edit tabs and has made a video to help.

Tips On How To Get Free Traffic


So you have published your first blog or website and now what? well you are going to need TRAFFIC to that website if you are going to any kind of success and start building your list, and as I (and everyone else in this business) have said many times before The Money Is In The List!

I would like to give you a few ideas if how to get FREE TRAFFIC! I know that when people first start out with their online business not many have a huge amount of money to spend, let’s face it we are all here to make money.

Pauline’s Friday Best Reads Of the Week


I had planned on writing this post this morning but we have had no electricity from 7-30am until 3-45pm so I am a little late! Here in Crete where we live we often have power and water cuts, it’s something we have to get used to and live with but it CAN get annoying when you have planned your day and then you have no internet connection etc.

Enough of my moaning now :)

I have decided on a Friday I am going to post a few blogs that I have visited throughout the week and give those people a shout out so others can visit.

How Social Media Can Help Build Your List

Social Media is a great way to help build your list, today I would like to talk about Twitter.


Why Twitter Is An Effective Marketing Tool

Twitter is an effective method for gaining traffic and sales for your business. It allows you to reach an entirely new and very large audience you would not have been able to otherwise.

Tips On Emailing Your List Part 2


I am feeling much better today and the sun has returned after days and days of rain so that has helped my mood too! I think we all feel happier when the sun shines don’t you agree?

I would like to follow on from my last post about tips on emailing your list.

Headlines and Copy Writing

Copy writing can be challenging, you want your subscriber to open
the emails you send them.
One way to get them to open your emails is to create
dangling subject lines, or cliffhanger subject lines.
Here are some examples:

Tips on Emailing Your List


I had planned on writing this post at the weekend but I have not been feeling so good so here it is a few days later than planned.

A lot of people have fear when it comes to communicating with their list, they fear they will lose subscribers and yes, this does happen, but the people who stay on your list are the ones you want anyway. They are the ones who want your content.
It is extremely important to build a relationship with your list and these few simple ideas will help to get you started.

My Ten Best WP Plugins


It’s another nice sunny morning here in Crete and as I sit here at my desk I decided I wanted to tell you about WordPress Plugins.

If you have a blog yourself it will most likely be hosted on WordPress and you will need some plugins so I wanted to share the ones that I use and recommend. Today I have the ten best for you.