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5 Tips To Make Blogging Easy




Hope you had a great weekend, we are having unusual warm temperatures here on Crete for this time of year so it’s been nice to get out and take walks along the beach without having to wear a coat!






I have decided to do a series of small posts to give you some tips on Blogging which of course can help you build your list.


5 Tips To Make Blogging Easy


JV Giveaways & List Building Tips




I hope all my friends in the US had a great Thanksgiving, did you pick up any bargains on Blck Friday?




A while back I wrote a few posts about JV Giveaways, Why Take Part In A Giveaway Event was one of them but now I would like to go over again what a JV Event is in case you missed my original post.

Of course you will always get the “freebie seekers” that will sign up just for the free gift and then unsubscribe but there are genuine people out there that will stay with you.

Promoting Your Affiliate Campaigns



I hope you all have had a great week, it has been a strange time here in Crete, we have had a couple of days of strikes and then our area had a holiday yesterday so not a “normal” week for everyone.


Working from home has the great advantage of when say the public transport for example is on strike it is ok as we don’t have far to travel to work, usually just from one room to another :)


Following on from my last post I would like to talk about promoting your Affiliate Campaigns.

Choosing Affiliate Products To Promote





Hi from a very wet Crete, after a long hot summer that has lasted way into October our weather here has changed, it is now much cooler and wet.



A great excuse for me to stay home and catch up on my blog posts (which I know have been very few for a while). I have finished work in my extra summer job at the tourist store and I have had a few days rest so now I need to get back to my blog which needs some TLC lol

A Change Of Direction



I have been a little lost for a few months as you will have read in my last post.

I have been working a summer join the tourist sector here in Crete for the past 6 months and have been trying to combine my online business with this job, looking back now I know that it was too much for me.

My summer job is coming to an end this week and I am so glad, I can now get back to the job I really enjoy, but like most people I needed to make some extra money hence the need for my extra job.

Building An Effective Back‐link System Part 4



This is Part 4 in my series of posts “Building An Effective Back-link System”




Top Methods Of Building Back‐links #4





Feeder sites are an exceptionally fast and easy method of building high quality back-links from some of the highest authority websites online.
Not only are these pages easy to create and maintain, but you can literally develop a massive back-link system in a matter of a few days, just by creating a network of feeder sites and landing pages.

My Saturday Shout Out



I usually do my shout out post on a Friday but I am a little behind this week, things have been crazy and the temperatures are around 40C here in Crete at the moment which although is nice does not make working very easy.



The System For Making Money Online  – is a post by James Hughes. In this post he tells us about a course he has written and gives us the 1st part free, so head on over and grab yours today.


Building An Effective Back‐link System Part 3



Today I have Part 3 for you in my series of posts on how to build an effective Back-Link system.




Top Methods Of Building Back‐links # 3





Article marketing is an exceptional technique at generating a flood of high quality back links to your website quickly and easily. All you really need to get started create 10‐15 articles that combine your keywords within the titles of each article as well as the actual content.


Building An Effective Back‐link System Part 2




Welcome to Part 2 of my Building a Back-Link System




Top Methods Of Building Back‐links # 2



Directory submissions are probably the most popular method of generating back-links in a short amount of time, however there is one thing to keep in mind when using directories to create your campaign.


Building An Effective Back‐link System



The more back‐links you have, the easier it is to secure your position within the search engines and influence search results so that your website is considered relevant and appears more frequently.



It’s no wonder that so many people have turned their attention to building an expansive, solid system consisting of hundreds of permanent back‐links.
Organic FREE search engine traffic consists of some of the most targeted, relevant visitors you’d ever get, and if you are able to secure your position within the top search results for highly targeted keywords, you could eliminate any need to pay a fortune in pay per click marketing.