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Clickbank – A Guide To Clickbank Part 2



     Here is Part 2 in my series of Clickbank posts.




Why Clickbank?


Clickbank is an online retailer, it is the largest digital information site today with an affiliate program network. This  means that it acts as a gateway for publishers and affiliates. This is what makes it relatively easy for anyone to find products that they can promote and earn good commissions from.


One of the great thing about Clickbank is that it is easy to set-up an account with, this makes it easy for you to start earning money right away. It uses a “hoplink” system that allows you to insert your affiliate ID, all you need to do is create a nickname that is embedded in your selected product’s URL and you can start selling or promoting the product.


Becoming a Clickbank affiliate is also free, there are no registration fees, no hidden charges and no other fees that will be charged if you decide to become an affiliate. You can simply go to the site, choose to become an affiliate and register. Once you do that, you can go ahead and browse through the products available in the Marketplace and choose those that you want to promote. You then proceed to promoting those products and then earn commissions on every sale that you make. Remember that you can earn anywhere from 10% to as much as 75% of the sale value as commission on any sale that is made through your promotion efforts.



If you have an existing home based business website, or blog, you can start making money without  creating a product of your own. Clickbank gives you a wide choice of products to promote so you can earn money right away.
Clickbank is built on a platform that truly works, people get paid regularly and on time, products get delivered and it is a win-win for all concerned.



For all the ten years that Clickbank has been in business, it prides itself on never being late for payment even once. Considering the sheer numbers of transactions that they handle on a daily basis, their ability to keep track of who gets paid and paying those people on time is not something to be taken lightly.



Clickbank also handles recurring billing subscriptions or memberships through its Marketplace. Anyone with an account can offer up to 500 products, this means that mixing in a few recurring billing products to an affiliate’s portfolio or products means a regular monthly income.



Clickbank also handles all the transactions involving payment of commissions to affiliates. This means that publishers can rest easy and focus on developing new products to sell, publishers will not have to keep track of who sells what when and how much is due that affiliate. Clickbank takes care of everything.



Clickbank even issues refunds when required. Publishers can go on creating new products without any added stress. All this is available for only a small fraction of the total price of the products, considering all the advantages it seems more like a wise investment.



Clickbank also provides its partners with the information that really matters, they provide real-time tracking reports, this means that whenever there is a sale of your product, you can login to your account and see the sales records. You can also check the performance of your promotion efforts at any time night or day.



Look out for my next post when I will be telling you how to sign up for an account. Do you use Clickbank? how do you find it? I would love to know your thoughts, please leave me a comment.


To your success

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