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How To Get Beyond The Newbie Stage Part 1






  download We all start out as Newbies at the beginning of our  journey into Internet Marketing but then the question is how do you get beyond that Newbie tag?




Of course, some marketers do come into the internet marketing business
with significant amounts of real-world business experience, and there is little
doubt that such extensive business experience does give them an
Having said this it is still true that in practical terms, whilst everyone can have
lots of good ideas, every marketing beginner or ‘newbie’ starts off with little
or no previous experience. In other words, no matter who they are or where they are now, even the best known gurus and experts in the business started off as exactly the same sort of online business newbie as you are now. However, there is no doubt that for many internet marketing beginners, the
biggest question is, what exactly do they need to do in order to move on
from being a newbie?




Why are you doing this?


If your answer is something along the lines of, because you need more
money, then I have news for you. Everyone wants more money! Wanting extra money should never be the answer to this question, and if that truly is your motivation, then you have chosen the wrong vocation. It would be much easier to get yourself a weekend job flipping burgers or work in a bar at nights. Both of these are far more reliable sources of extra income, and you’ll certainly see the results far more quickly (in the form of a pay-packet at the end of the very first week).


Having said that, I don’t doubt that some newbie marketers will come into
internet marketing because they have fallen hook, line and sinker for the
ridiculous notion that there are huge amounts of easy money to be made
online. Unfortunately, there is not, and whether you realize that early on or
only after wasting money on half a dozen ‘get rich quick” products, the fact remains that making money online is not easy, and it does require hard work, organization and planning.


The importance of attitude and planning


If you want to become a serious and profitable internet marketer, there are
certain things that you must do in order to have a real chance of succeeding
in achieving your ambition.The first thing that you have to acquire is the correct attitude.
Whether you market online on a full-time or part-time basis, you must have
the correct mental attitude when doing so, because not having that attitude
will almost certainly doom your efforts to failure. And, the key to the correct
attitude is to treat what you’re doing as a serious business.
It cannot be something that you treat or think of as a hobby. A hobby is
something that you indulge in from time to time when the whim takes you,
and you cannot afford to approach your internet marketing business in the
same manner.



If you’re currently treating your internet marketing efforts as a hobby or
interest, then you need to change that attitude immediately if you seriously
have a desire to become anything other than an online marketing newbie. Another extremely important aspect of your attitude is that you have to be a
motivated, self-starting ‘doer’. All of the great ideas in the world will never
make any money whatsoever if you never put any of them into action.



The fear of failure is one of the biggest hurdles that massive numbers of
internet marketers have to overcome. It is easier to ‘hide behind’ spending
all day doing mundane administrative tasks than it is to get out there to try
to make money for your business.
The fact is, no matter how long you work in the internet marketing industry,
you will have failures. That is an unavoidable fact which you just have to
live with. However, every time you do so, you will undoubtedly learn
something from it, and what you learn should make it far more likely that
you will push on to success in the future as long as you apply that
knowledge and get off your backside to do something!



There is absolutely no reason to be scared of failing. It has happened
before, and it will happen again. At the same time, it is important that you become someone who acts rather than being a procrastinator who hides behind wasting the whole day with pointless non-moneymaking tasks.



Do you have a plan?


Without any kind of plan, you have no structure to your business activities,
and therefore your focus is likely to be very poor as well. Lack of focus is perhaps the number one reason why so many newbies who come into internet marketing never get past the first stage. You can start with a plan built around where you are now in terms of your internet marketing career, and where you would like to be in three or six months time.
The type of questions that you should ask yourself in order to put together
this plan would be along the lines of:

· How much money are you currently earning, and how much would you
like to be earning in six months? It is important when answering this
question that you try to stay realistic. If you’re currently earning $2 or
$3 a week, then, of course, you would like to be earning $3000 a week
in six months, but it is not going to happen. Aiming for $50-$100 a
week would be a far more realistic and achievable plan.


· How do you currently make your online money? If, for example, you are promoting products as an affiliate, is that something that you would still be content with doing six months down the line?


· How are you currently marketing? Is what you’re currently doing
successfully bringing enough visitors to your web pages, and, if not, do
you know how to change that fact for the better?
· Are you currently utilizing the time that you spend on your online
marketing activities most effectively? If not, what changes can you
make that will increase your effectiveness and efficiency?



What is important at this stage is to sit down and try to honestly assess your
own strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, try to analyze your own
knowledge with a view to establishing where you are most knowledgeable
and where your knowledge needs the biggest improvement. Having a plan in place is a big advantage, but it is also a fact that not everyone is good at planning. If you find yourself in this situation, it does not necessarily mean that you have no future as an internet marketer.




Next time I will talk about finding a Mentor so don’t forget to come back for Part 2 of How To Get Beyond The Newbie Stage.

Did you have a mentor when you first started out? if so did it help you? in what way? or did you progress without a mentor? I would love to hear from you so why not share your thoughts below.


Thanks for reading

To your success




















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I am an English lady living on a Greek island. I work from home as a Bronze Team Leader with SFI Strong Future International.

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