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Most Popular Questions Asked By Online Marketers

I don’t know about you but I am always asking questions, I find that this is a great way of learning about the Internet Marketing business and all sorts of other things too!

My reason for writing this post is to give you some questions and answers that you may come across every day and don’t know how or where to find some answers.

I want to take a few of the most popular questions asked by online marketers, put them in a list, and answer them in the quickest possible way. The reason I wanted to do this is because in many cases, it’s not rare to see people who haven’t reached their goals relating to online business, going from guide to guide, posting in forums asking these very general questions and sometimes never getting a straight answer or having people just wanting to sell to them.

I know there are lots of great people willing to help in forums but sometimes newbies can be reluctant to ask in case they are thought of as stupid, of course we know that is not the case but it can be scary when we first start out and I remember when I first joined my first forum it took me ages before I had the courage to ask or answer any questions, now I don’t even think about it I just go on every day and find some helpful information or answer any quieries that anyone has.

So here is my list:

1 How Do I Get Hits?

This has to be the number one question asked by online marketers, and I come across it on a regular basis and for good reason, after all without getting hits to your site you can’t sell anything.

Your initial aim isn’t to get hits to your site at all, and getting a massive amount of them isn’t a priority. Understand that you only need to pull ten or twenty thousand hits in total to your sites to make them successful. Of course this will go up as you progress through your resource building, and that’s key here. The resources that are built and that you can use over and over again. (That’s your big 5, affiliates, list, customers, long term
customers and joint venture partners).

2 How Do I build My List?

Another of the most frequently asked questions in the online marketing that comes especially from people who haven’t created their own products yet is how do I build my list.

I have talked about this in previous posts so I am not going to repeat it all again but my favourite is Giveaway Events (which you will know already if you have read some of my other posts lol) you will gain more subscribers to your list and that will stay with you if you have your own product instead of just PLR products, now you can of course use a PLR but you need to change the grapics and some of the content, putting your own stamp on it will see better rewards.

3 I Don’t Have My Own Product, What Can I Sell?

A good question that comes up on many occasions, one answer is make one!

The longer time you spend looking around in your target market, the easier it will be to come up with ideas for your own product. I would not expect you to just sit down and make one out of the blue on your first day in the business. It’s not easy creating your own product from scratch but as I said earlier you can take a PLR product and turn it into your own until you feel confident that you can start to create your own product.

Don’t say oh well, I’ll just promote other peoples stuff, because you’ll find yourself in the same position this time next year going about things like that, it’s all about creating
products that allow you to build your resources.

A simple solution that will put you on a direct path to success is an ebook created by Barry Wells, “From Passion To Products.” He’s been in the same place you might be in right now and knows what he is talking about. His ebook will definitely come to your rescue and show you how to create your own ebook from start to finish.

If you read “From Passion To Products” and follow his steps, you cannot fail to produce your first product and start your journey to success.

4 I’m worried that I won’t succeed, that people will say no or not like my work.

If you’re worried that you won’t succeed or that people won’t like your work, have no fear
because you’re not alone. What you mustn’t do is let your past experiences get you stuck in a rut, and get you all worked up about not being able to succeed in the future.
Everyone makes mistakes, and you can’t please everyone all the time even though it would be nice. So no matter what you do with online marketing, or any other business for that matter, don’t let past experiences stop you from moving forward. If someone doesn’t like your stuff, that’s fine, as long as you’re comfortable with it, give them a
refund, or just say ok then and move on.

Don’t let this type of thing hold you back, I believe that this is one of the big reasons so many people out there can’t succeed, because although they may be working long hours and putting everything into their business, they’re avoiding the things that they really need to do because of past experiences. If what you’re doing isn’t working, you have to make a conscious effort to look at what you need to do to move forward, then do it, because when you do, you’ll find yourself with a lot more cash in your pocket, a lot more spare time on your hands, and a business that is moving forward not standing still.
This is a hurdle everyone needs to get over if they’re going to get anywhere in online marketing.

5 I don’t want my own products I just want to promote affiliate programs, but how?

If you are just starting out this can be one way to get going, I found that ClickBank or PaySpree are good sites to sign up with.

I would advise getting yourself some hosting, a domain name and an autoresponder  (you can find some that I use on my Recommended Resources page) so you can use a squeeze page in order to build your list when you promote as an affiliate. This is much better than just advertising just the link direct to the vendor’s site, if you have a squeeze page you can have people subscribe to your list first before they visit the affiliate site.

I will go more into squeeze pages in my next post.

6 How much money do I have to spend to be successful?

The answer to this question is quite simply not a lot. The beauty of online marketing is that the products that you create yourself cost next to nothing money wise, you’re only paying for your time.

You will need to spend a little at the beginning for your domain name, hosting and autoresponder but there are deals to be had when you first sign up for these so you initial outlay could be very small, but we all need to speculate to accumulate.

7 How much time do I have to spend on my business for it to be successful?

An understandable question as it’s nice to know exactly where you stand with anything, and how much time it takes to create and run your own online business is no exception. The real problem is that this is an extremely difficult question to answer, not only because our businesses are going to vary, how much we get done per hour is going to vary but
also because different tasks require different amounts of time.

Depending on the circumstances, you may find yourself at the computer for an hour a day five days a week, or you may find yourself glued to the screen into the early hours of the morning (and the next morning even). I think the most important thing to get out of this is
that the need to be flexible is definitely there, without a doubt. When you’re logging on and checking e-mails, it’s not so bad, and when something needs to be fixed, it’s obvious what you have to do, so it’s just common sense to go ahead and do it.

It can be difficult to get motivated when you start working from home as there can be many distractions, I find it’s best to look at it as if you are getting up in the morning and going to work, have a start time and take regular breaks, I always plan my day sometimes down to what I am doing each hour although that does not always go to plan!

If your office is in the corner of the living room and your children or spouse want your attention, just try and make them understand that it is important that you have your time when you are working and they are not to disturb you (easier said than done sometimes, my husband wants to chat to me now while I am writing this post!) or you could end up getting no work done and another day has passed by.

These are just a few questions that you may have thought about so I hope my answers have helped you in some way, please feel free to contact me if you have any others I can help you with.

To your success

Thanks for reading






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