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Scheduling Your Time



Working at Home? Time is of the Essence! I’ve heard people say that the main reason that they want to work at home is because they can work only when they want to work. It IS true that you can set your own work hours when you work at home but it does NOT mean that you don’t have to have set work hours.


A ‘hit or miss’ work schedule…or rather, the lack of any work schedule at all, simply will not work. Time is of the Essence! YOUR time!

Working at home can be a very, very good thing. You can be at home to see the kids off to school and be at home when they get home. You can put a load of laundry in and it can run through the cycles while you are working.
You can have dinner cooked before a hungry family descends like a flock of hungry buzzards. All of those things are real perks that you automatically get when you work at home.


Working at home can also be a very, very bad thing if you do not plan your time well and if you do not set up a work schedule that you and your family can live with. When you work at home, time really is of the essence.


You must make very good use of the time that you spend working. If you are not efficient in accomplishing the tasks that must be done, you will either spend too much time working or you will fail miserably at your work at home job or business.
You must set up a work schedule for yourself when you work at home and then you must enforce that work schedule for yourself and insist that you family and friends also adhere to your work schedule.




First let’s discuss the structure that a regular job provides and how you can apply that structure to your work at home job or business. When you have a job that you go to outside your home, you are required to be at that job at a specified time on specified days of the week.


When you have a work at home job or business, you need that same kind of structure. You need to set regular working hours. The freedom that a work at home job provides is that you can choose the hours…but you do have to choose!

The best way to accomplish using your time to your own best advantage with your work at home job or business is to make a schedule and tell your family and friends what that schedule is.


How do you manage your schedule? do you balance your work and home life easily? or is it tough? I would love to know your tips on how you fit everything into your days, please leave your comments below to share with my readers.


To your success

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Pauline – has written 124 posts on this site.
I am an English lady living on a Greek island. I work from home as a Bronze Team Leader with SFI Strong Future International.

  • Corina Ramos

    Hi there Pauline!

    Hope things are going well :) Your headline grabbed my attention because I’m always looking for ideas to save time :)

    As a work from home mom with busy teens it can get pretty crazy around here. There’s always something to do in the middle of my projects or some distraction that will take me away from my desk at least once a day.

    I keep it all together with a running to do list and calendar. Without those things, I’d be all over the place and nothing would get done :)

    Hope all is well :)
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Monday Work from Home Job Lead Madness 062413My Profile

    June 25, 2013 at 12:20 am
  • Mark from Work from Home says:

    Hi Pauline, I am impressed with your blog! Thanks for posting this article. This is very useful and helpful for me. Making a plan or schedule especially working at home is really important. Time is really the essence. Without time management, work and family will be a total mess. I’ve got no single regret visiting your blog. I’ll be back soon. Keep it up!
    Mark@Work from Home recently posted..Family Versus Startup : How To Balance Both And Be SuccessfulMy Profile

    July 24, 2013 at 6:12 am

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