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How To Build Your TEAM – Work With The Workers

I have not written a new post for a while, life has been crazy with my summer job so I have not had much time. I HAVE been logging in every day to my SFI Affiliate Center, it is very important to make sure that once you have signed up and made a commitment to your new business that you follow through and do something every day to grow that business.


Following on from my last post way back in April I would like share the Rules Of Success # 4 

Work with the workers

Rules Of Success #1






Yesterday I talked about the SFI Rules Of Success and now I would like to share with you Rule #1 from Gery.


#1 Treat your business…like a business!


“If you purchased a franchise, would you expect it to make money for you if you only worked it a few hours a week? Or if you didn’t get trained? Or if you only tried for a few months? Or if you didn’t follow the proven guidelines of the creators of the franchise?

A Change Of Direction




I have not been posting here for quite a few months, I had lost my motivation and felt I was getting nowhere so I took a step back and did some serious thinking about my business.

I was looking through various sites when I discovered one called SFI Strong Future International, at first I thought it was yet another scam until I looked into it further and decided to sign up, after all it said it was FREE.


How To Get Beyond The Newbie Stage Part 2





downloadI would like to follow on from my last post and continue to talk about how to get beyond the newbie stage.




If you’re the kind of person who finds it very difficult to create a plan, or to
stick to a plan once it has been created, then you might find it useful to
find an experienced mentor who can make sure that you stick to the right


Find a mentor


Tips to Make Your Business Successful through Affiliate Marketing


First of all I would like to thank all of my readers who are supporting me during this difficult time, I really appreciate it.

Earlier this week we attended a scattering of ashes ceremony for a friend whose husband passed away a few months ago, and to be honest as it was a day of celebration and laughter it made me feel much better. The setting was beautiful, a nearby lake and the weather was just perfect.



Lake Kournas1


Lake Kournas


Promoting Your Affiliate Campaigns



I hope you all have had a great week, it has been a strange time here in Crete, we have had a couple of days of strikes and then our area had a holiday yesterday so not a “normal” week for everyone.


Working from home has the great advantage of when say the public transport for example is on strike it is ok as we don’t have far to travel to work, usually just from one room to another :)


Following on from my last post I would like to talk about promoting your Affiliate Campaigns.

Setting Up Affiliate Campaigns




Well what a week for weather it has been, here in Crete we have had warm sunshine, heavy rain, thunder & lightening, hot winds from the south… but not as bad as the awful hurricane that the east coast of the US has suffered this week.


I feel so sorry for all those who were affected by this terrible disaster, if you have not been through anything like this then it is hard to know what everyone had to endure.


Clickbank – A Guide To Clickbank Part 4



Here we are at the 4th part of my Clickbank series of posts.

Today I would like to tell you about signing up for an account.



Signing Up for a Clickbank Account


There are 2 options when signing up for an account at Clickbank. You can open a Clickbank Affiliate Account which allows you to market and promote digital products of your choosing, or you can open a Clickbank Vendors Account which allows you to sell your digital products.


Clickbank Affiliate Account

Clickbank – A Guide To Clickbank Part 3


Here is part 3 of my series of posts about Clickbank, today I want to tell you how to get started.



Getting Started


Getting started on Clickbank is simple, all you need to do is follow these steps and you are well on your way to becoming an internet entrepreneur.
Go to the Clickbank site and register for an account, registering is free and there are no joining fees.