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Why You Need An Autoresponder To Help Build A List





Today I would like to talk to you about Autoresponders and how they help you with your list building.






You have all heard that you must have a list to move forward with your business. It would be impossible to build and maintain a list without using autoresponders. Today’s generation of top‐of‐the‐line autoresponders deal with a variety of functions. Not only do they store email addresses, but they also have the ability to send out scheduled automated emails.


JV Giveaways & List Building Tips




I hope all my friends in the US had a great Thanksgiving, did you pick up any bargains on Blck Friday?




A while back I wrote a few posts about JV Giveaways, Why Take Part In A Giveaway Event was one of them but now I would like to go over again what a JV Event is in case you missed my original post.

Of course you will always get the “freebie seekers” that will sign up just for the free gift and then unsubscribe but there are genuine people out there that will stay with you.

List Building Mistakes To Avoid Part 5


Hope you are having a great Saturday, welcome to part 5 and the last part in the series List Building Mistakes To Avoid.




Not Setting Yourself Apart From The Crowd


It seems that every single day, I get dozens of emails in my inbox with the same exact subject line, and the same exact content, promoting the same exact product. Everyone simply takes the pre-made ads that they are provided with by the product owner and loads them into their AutoResponder.


List Building Mistakes To Avoid Part 2



Hope you enjoyed yesterdays post about how to avoid List Building Mistakes here is the 2nd part in the series.




Using The Wrong Autoresponder



An Autoresponder is a must when building your list, it is nothing to mess around with, this is one part of your business that you cannot gamble with.
Your mailing list is often the life blood of your business, if you spend months/years building your list, you want to make sure that your database is in good hands. If you suddenly don’t have access to that vital part of your business, you’re in big trouble.

Tips On Emailing Your List Part 2


I am feeling much better today and the sun has returned after days and days of rain so that has helped my mood too! I think we all feel happier when the sun shines don’t you agree?

I would like to follow on from my last post about tips on emailing your list.

Headlines and Copy Writing

Copy writing can be challenging, you want your subscriber to open
the emails you send them.
One way to get them to open your emails is to create
dangling subject lines, or cliffhanger subject lines.
Here are some examples:

Tips on Emailing Your List


I had planned on writing this post at the weekend but I have not been feeling so good so here it is a few days later than planned.

A lot of people have fear when it comes to communicating with their list, they fear they will lose subscribers and yes, this does happen, but the people who stay on your list are the ones you want anyway. They are the ones who want your content.
It is extremely important to build a relationship with your list and these few simple ideas will help to get you started.

Squeeze Pages For Newbies

Normally when I sit at my desk to write my blog posts the view I can see is the ocean (as you may know I live on a Greek island) and the mountains but today we are having bad weather so the sea looks angry and the mountains are covered in snow, yes we do have snow in Greece!

Instead of taking a break from my work and go for a walk along the beach I want to tell you all about squeeze pages.

How To Rewrite Your PLR


Like many other marketers out there I have collected a lot of PLR and what am I doing with it? well to be honest a lot of it is just collecting dust on my hard drive! I am always saying to myself I must clean up my downloads and DO something with all that PLR so I am going to share with you how to use it.

The first thing you need to do is sort through your PLR and choose an article you wish to use.

Some Do’s And Dont’s Of List Building


Now we all read on a daily or weekly basis what to do to make money online, build your list, affiliate marketing and many more subjects well I would like to talk about what not to do or the “dont’s as well as a few “do’s”


One of the most common mistakes made by email marketers is not using a professional autoresponder, I know when you are first starting out many people will not have much money so they think using free resources will be ok, using a free autoresponder may sound good but what good is it if you have spend time building your list and writing your emails and broadcasts if no one is able to receive them?