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I Have Been Away For A While













If you were a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed that I have not been around for a few months, there are a couple of reasons for me neglecting you all.


If you remember I had been going through a bad time and had kind of lost my motivation, it came back for a little while but then I lost it again, plus I have had a couple more friends pass away over the summer (which did not help) so I took a step back from my online business and went back to a summer job in the Tourist industry here in Crete where I live.

How To Keep Up With Blog Hopping





In my last post I talked about How To Get More Comments On Your Blog which was a very popular post from all the great comments I recieved, so thanks to all my readers.



One of the tips on my list was to go Blog Hopping, it is a great way to increase traffic to your blog and build up relationships with your readers, which in return encourages them to leave a comment .


How To Get More Comments On Your Blog




You have set your blog up and have started writing posts on a regular basis but hey you are not getting much traffic, what do you do?

One way is to go “Blog Hopping” this is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers and increase traffic to your blog.


How Do You Do This?


Start by visiting blogs in the same niche, leave a comment, of course it has to be relevant to the post and do not just say “great post” or “love this post” this will not be beneficial, you must read through the post and write something worthwhile.

Pauline’s Friday Best Reads Of the Week


I had planned on writing this post this morning but we have had no electricity from 7-30am until 3-45pm so I am a little late! Here in Crete where we live we often have power and water cuts, it’s something we have to get used to and live with but it CAN get annoying when you have planned your day and then you have no internet connection etc.

Enough of my moaning now :)

I have decided on a Friday I am going to post a few blogs that I have visited throughout the week and give those people a shout out so others can visit.



If you want to make money through blogging, creating a popular blog is the key to success. If your blog receives very little traffic, you will not have much success making money online from it!

There are many ways to make your blog more popular. The first thing you should consider is who your audience is and who you are writing for. You should always write about something that interests you, and that will interest others. You may think that your new kitten is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but there are probably not very many other people who want to read a blog about it.