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Keyword Research


Keyword Research is vital to any effective search engine optimization campaign. If you optimize your site for the wrong keywords you could miss out on lots of traffic and potential customers that are trying to find what you do.



I have broken up the keyword research process into phases to make it easy to understand.

ClickBank Review


I have written about Affiliate Marketing in one of my previous posts but this time I am going to tell you about ClickBank

The most popular affiliate program is run by Clickbank they are in fact the world’s largest provider of digital products – essentially ebooks and software. You can
choose from over 35,000 products in many categories and their affiliate program is simple to join, you can sign up for free HERE

Article Marketing


Many newbie internet marketers do not think that you can actually make a profit from something as simple and straightforward as writing articles.
However, the truth of the matter is that it is perfectly feasible to earn a very reasonable amount of money every month from writing articles.

That being said, it is a fact that article writing is one of the quickest and easiest ways of starting to earn money on the internet. On the other hand,unless you are extremely fortunate, it is not necessarily a moneymaking method that will turn you into a millionaire overnight so please bear that in mind when you are first choosing which niche you would like to start your online business with.