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Happy Valentines Day to you all, I hope you have a nice day….my husband and I do not celebrate that much, we will just be staying home and having a meal and bottle of wine. What are you all doing?




On special days like this we can either have a normal working day or decide to take the day off, that is the beauty of working from home. We can change our plan for the week to work around having some free time if we wish to do something special.

How To Create A Short Report



One thing you can use as a free gift for your opt in form can be a Short Report, but how do you create one?




Don’t panic, it is easier than you think, before I created my first one I admit I did panic and think “I can’t do that!” but then I sat down and came up with a plan and do you know it WAS so much easier than I thought it would be.


So how to start creating your report?


Why You Need An Autoresponder To Help Build A List





Today I would like to talk to you about Autoresponders and how they help you with your list building.






You have all heard that you must have a list to move forward with your business. It would be impossible to build and maintain a list without using autoresponders. Today’s generation of top‐of‐the‐line autoresponders deal with a variety of functions. Not only do they store email addresses, but they also have the ability to send out scheduled automated emails.


What Are Your Plans For 2013?


2013 plans and dreams


I did plan to get this post out yesterday but I have been feeling a bit down as I have a bad toothache and the pain is awful, I know I will need to visit my dentist :( Not the kind of thing I wanted to have now as I have just got into work mode after the Christmas & New Year holidays.


Last time I talked about Forum Marketing and I had many comments with mixed views, I love it when my readers tell me what they really think of my post and not just writing “great post” which as we know is not the way to comment on a blog.

Forum Marketing




Resell Rights – A Few Questions & Answers




I hope you are all nearly ready for Christmas and not too stressed. My husband and I are having a quiet time at home so I am so relaxed this year!




Today I would like to answer a few questions on the subject of Resell Rights



Resell Rights can sound all “alien” to you especially if you are new to Internet Marketing  so I would like to list a few questions and answers to give you a better understanding of the subject.

5 Tips To Make Blogging Easy




Hope you had a great weekend, we are having unusual warm temperatures here on Crete for this time of year so it’s been nice to get out and take walks along the beach without having to wear a coat!






I have decided to do a series of small posts to give you some tips on Blogging which of course can help you build your list.


5 Tips To Make Blogging Easy


JV Giveaways & List Building Tips




I hope all my friends in the US had a great Thanksgiving, did you pick up any bargains on Blck Friday?




A while back I wrote a few posts about JV Giveaways, Why Take Part In A Giveaway Event was one of them but now I would like to go over again what a JV Event is in case you missed my original post.

Of course you will always get the “freebie seekers” that will sign up just for the free gift and then unsubscribe but there are genuine people out there that will stay with you.

A Change Of Direction



I have been a little lost for a few months as you will have read in my last post.

I have been working a summer join the tourist sector here in Crete for the past 6 months and have been trying to combine my online business with this job, looking back now I know that it was too much for me.

My summer job is coming to an end this week and I am so glad, I can now get back to the job I really enjoy, but like most people I needed to make some extra money hence the need for my extra job.