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Day 1 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge


It’s the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge so here is my post for today.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I normally post a Friday “Shout Out” to some great blogs I have visited that week, I decided to wait until today to do this post as I have joined the challenge to post every day for 31 days during the month of July. Why not join me if you have not signed up already? lets do this together :)


Some Great Blogs I Visited Last Week


  My “Shout Outs” from last week I would like to share with you.




How To Blacklist Spammers And Intruders From Invading Your Blog is a post by Adrienne Smith one of my favourite bloggers that I have had the pleasure to connect with. She has made a great video on how she blacklists spammers and block IP’s through her hosting service.


My Friday Shout Outs



  It’s that time again for my Friday Shout Out to some great blogs I have visited this week.






1 –   It All Started With A $100,000 is a new post by Dan Sumner this week, he talks about his love of Product Creation and why he has been underground for a while. I never get tired of visiting Dan’s blog there is so much to learn from him!



Are You Blogging For Fun Or To Make Money?


Many people think that since blogging is very easy and fun, one can make money with the blog without any effort.



Although it is true that anyone who is hard working and determined to succeed in making money online can earn a good income through blogging, many bloggers fail to achieve this.

Many people who are starting in internet marketing think that in order to make a lot of money on the internet through blogging, all they need to do is to set up a blog, add content to it on a regular basis and start to get money! You will need to do more than this if you want to make money with your blog.

How To Create A Short Report In 6 Steps

Today I want to tell you how to use articles and blog posts into a short report and what you can do with it once it is finished.

How can you use the report you are about to create?

1 You can use it to build your list

2 Make it viral

3 Use it as a bonus

You can also offer it to other people to use as a bonus for their products. Find someone with a related offer or info product and email them a copy of the report, letting them know that they are welcome to share it with their customers. If it’s a good report and compliments the product, you can get it on quite a few download pages.

Most Popular Questions Asked By Online Marketers

I don’t know about you but I am always asking questions, I find that this is a great way of learning about the Internet Marketing business and all sorts of other things too!

My reason for writing this post is to give you some questions and answers that you may come across every day and don’t know how or where to find some answers.



I know I have said this before and you have probably heard it from lots of other people but “The Money Is In The List” and one of the easiest and best ways of building your list is through Giveaways.

Giveaway events have become extremely popular over the last couple of years and they are popping up everywhere now, sometimes it’s difficult keeping up with all of them.

What is a Giveaway?

A giveaway is an event where lots of Internet Marketers join together and submit 
a free gift for everyone to download in exchange for people signing up to their newsletters.

6 Ways to Make Money Online


There are a lot of different ways to start your online business, some people like I have said before do not have any idea where to start and end up going from one thing to another and end up getting lost and confused.

I think most people have started out like this (I know I did!) so I wanted to share my experience with you so you don’t go down the same path.

You must do a lot of research before you start so you know which direction you would like to take your business so I am going to give you a few ideas.