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Taking The Day Off



Yesterday I decided to take the day off as we had friends visiting so we spent the afternoon on the balcony of our apartment having a few drinks, some snacks and great conversation.

It was a beautiful day here on the Greek island of Crete where we live, after a bad winter the weather has warmed up now and we have sunshine every day and temperatures around 26C, it’s so nice to wake up to that every morning :) one of the reasons we moved here!


Working from home gives me the opportunity to do this now and again, if I want to take a day for whatever reason I can, I just make up for it the next few days and adjust my schedule accordingly.


Where we live the main source of income is from Tourism so most of my friends & neighbours work in that industry and after the quiet winter months of rest everyone is now getting back to work, that is why we invited our friends to have one last get together before everyone is too busy with the summer season.


When we first moved here and I was thinking of going into the Internet Marketing business and work from home I did start working during the summer in a tourist gift store, and I have carried on doing that every summer while I have been building my business up. I enjoy it and meet some nice people but now that my business is growing I am finding it hard to juggle the two.


Hopefully this will be my last summer at the gift store and then I can concentrate with my online business full time. I have said this before that it is not as easy as people think to be successful in this business but with a lot of hard work, the correct mindset and never giving up you will be on your way. It does not happen overnight, so don’t think you will become rich straight away but if you set yourself realistic goals then you will be fine.




So if you are still thinking of changing your life and working from home I wish you every success and know that I am always here to help in any way I can.  I have had help from some great people (you know who you are!) and still receiving help when I need it, I just want to give back to other who are just starting out.



I would love to hear your stories or comments about taking a day off, what do you do? can you relax? How do you catch up? Please leave me a comment below and share :)


To your success

Thanks for reading



About Pauline
I am an English lady living on a Greek island. I work from home as a Bronze Team Leader with SFI Strong Future International.

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