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This Week’s Blogs I Want To Share With You


Well here we are on the last Friday in March, can’t believe how quickly this year is passing by! I started last week a new post that I want to continue every Friday in which I share with you some of the best blogs I have visited throughout the week, and give a shout out to some great people.




Facebooks New Tab Layout For Pages –  Eamon Diamond is a blogger I have only just discovered, I read his post about the new Timeline for Pages on Facebook this week, he makes some great points here. As we know Facebook is always changing things around, Eamon shows us how to edit tabs and has made a video to help.


How Important Is Blogging To Your Internet Marketing Success? –  Stefan Dyke is another blogger I discovered this week (I wanted to find some new people to follow so I went searching and found some great people!) he talks about blogging in this post and has some good solid information for everyone.


25 Tips For Getting Results From Safelist Marketing – Andrew Stark tells us his tips on safelists, and he gives us a link to a video he has made on how to use filters on your gmail account to help keep track of all your safelist emails.


5 Powerful Tips to Use Social Media Marketing for Internet Marketers – Cat Alexandra is a well renowned marketer and I read a guest post from John Mak on her blog this week. He gives some great tips on how “leveraging social media attention to progress your business is the cleverest thing to do right now.”

So here are my 4 shout outs for this week, why not head over to these blogs and take a look, you will find some very useful reading there. I would love to know what you think, have you been to any of these blogs before? if not what did you think of them if you go and visit from here? Please leave me some of your thoughts, I would love to hear from you!


Have a great weekend

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