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Tips on Emailing Your List


I had planned on writing this post at the weekend but I have not been feeling so good so here it is a few days later than planned.

A lot of people have fear when it comes to communicating with their list, they fear they will lose subscribers and yes, this does happen, but the people who stay on your list are the ones you want anyway. They are the ones who want your content.
It is extremely important to build a relationship with your list and these few simple ideas will help to get you started.


The sales Funnel

The first thing you will do is give something away for free, don’t start out by selling to your list, this will be a surefire way to lose them, they will unsubscribe as fast as they can!

You want to build a relationship, trust, and credibility with your list, start out by mailing how to information, links to free stuff. (making sure it is something of value).
If some on your list are more advanced, then offer beginner and intermediate info on your blog and suggest they visit your blog for more info.

Autoresponder Set Up Sequence

Here is the break down of how I send out emails:
1st one goes out instantly /a thank you
2nd one goes out 2 days later
3rd one goes out 4 days later
4th one goes out 5 days later
5th one goes out 7 days later

Here is what the content of each should be.
1st Message
Thank them for requesting the free ebook
Give the Download link for the product
Tell them about yourself
Give your blog link.

2nd Message
This is more personal.
Ask them if they liked the free gift you gave them.
Say… Hi “first name” did you like the “ebook name?” if you have any
questions just send me an email. Or,” I hope my ebook, “name of
book”, helped you.” Thanks for being on my list.”
Then tell them a little bit more about yourself.
Or ask them to visit your blog again.

3rd Message
Give them free content
Send another ebook
Or give a tip of some kind.
Tell them to go read your blog for tips.

4th Message
Give them a free ebook or video
Say. “Since you like the first one I sent you, I thought you might like
this one too.”
Give them something to help them in their marketing.
(Make sure these gifts are in the same niche or relatable).

5th Message
Send them a 5-question survey with questions like
1.What do you want to learn?
2. What are you having trouble with?
3. What else would help your business?

Also in the 5th email you can recommend a product, this can be someone else’s product that you are familiar with and can recommend. Don’t put people off in writing this email by just trying to sell to them.

Mix content with what they first opted in for then recommend something in a casual way. Be friendly by offering the product as a tip from a trusted friend. “Since you liked “name of ebook” so much I thought you might find this interesting as well.” (Describe product and why they might like it).

Never hard sell.


In my next post I will be sharing more tips on Emailing Your List with you. If you have any questions or ideas you would like to share please leave me a comment.

Thanks for reading




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I am an English lady living on a Greek island. I work from home as a Bronze Team Leader with SFI Strong Future International.

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